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No One is Worthless

Last week while I was working hard (earning my salary) educating agriculture association members, yahoo writer Terence Loose released an article on College Majors That are Useless .  Three of the five College Majors listed were Agriculture, Animal Science, and Horticulture.

Loose’s article is based on one study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ which surveyed almost 1,000 employers.  I have to ask….How many were Agriculture Based?

I give you this FACT from the National FFA Organization:

I proudly join the millions that are employed in the Agriculture Sectors.

Loose asks his readers, “Want to make sure you don’t pick a dud of a degree?”

Really, a veterinarian who started with an undergraduate degree is Animal Science is a dud.It probably never dawned on Loose and the average reader that many Agriculture (in general terms) majors are self-employed or small business owners.

A Career Path is never straight.  It takes curves, hard right turns, loose left turns, rapid downhills, steep uphills, and many potholes.  However, I do not call the women and men who work somewhere in the production process- to feed you, cloth you, and provide other wonderful products- a “DUD”.  Are we biting the hand that feeds you? A College Degree is necessary to earn a decent wage but the degree does not make the person.  Your experience, knowledge, and attitude makes one successful.

A College Major selection should be selected on passion and not how you can make the most money with little work.

In the words of Confucius:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. 


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