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Kids Can Work on the Farm

The Herald-Reviewed Visited our Farm to discuss the proposed changes to the Child Labor Laws.  Click on the Links to read the Story from Chris Lusvardi, HR Reporter and Video from Hugh Sullivan.

Farmers raise concerns about new labor rules affecting their families’ work

Photo by Mark Roberts: Chayton Day, left, and his sister Sierra work with their cows before an upcoming expo in Cerro Gordo,. Herald & Review/Mark Roberts

Related Video

Cheryl Day talks about the roles her children play on the family farm

Kids on the cattle farm

From the Herald & Review

Kids on the cattle farm


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Let the Political Games Begin |

Let the Political Games Begin |

Let the Political Games Begin

FEB 08, 2012

Winter tends to be the season of meetings for the agriculture community. It also is the time of year that legislative agendas are in full swing. Each state has a different legislative schedule. In Illinois, we are at the beginning of the spring session, which keeps me knee-deep in mind-numbing reading material.

One of my loyal blog readers reminded me that I have been quite quiet lately. It is true that my blogging activity has been low due to a heavy meeting agenda, but I will never be silent.

In the spirit of the political atmosphere, it is necessary to take a closer look at the political games of extreme animal rights groups: the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Farm Sanctuary. The goal of these organizations is to veganize Americans, asking everyone to give up all those delicious juicy hamburgers/pork chops/cheeses/eggs to save the planet. They look for an emotional plea, changing the message for each audience and using the weakest link to accomplish their  organizations’ true agenda: not to support the local animal shelter (a great cause) but to end animal agriculture. Read my entire post on Let the Political Games Begin |
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Versatile Blogger Award

As I was traveling for work, a thoughtful blogger and fellow passionate agriculturalists nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.   I am truly honored.  Thank you Nebraska Wheatie and please visit her blog.  She shares a unique part of ag-working hard alongside her husband.

So Here are the Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award

1. Thank and link the person(s) nominating you.

2. List and pass the nomination on to 15 of your favorite bloggers.

3.  Tell us 7 little juicy tidbits about yourself.

4.  Copy this picture to your blog.

15 Deserving Blogs

1. Life on a Kansas Cattle

2. Tech Chef

3. Oregon Green

4. Boucher Farms

5. JPLovesCotton

6. The Farmer’s Life

7. Agriculture Proud

8. Common Sense Agriculture

9.The Couture Cowgirl

10. Crystal Cattle

11.Track My Crop

12. Ray-Lin Dairy

13.Darin’s Ramblings

14.  Pearl Snaps’ Ponderings

15. The Beef Jar

7 Tidbits about Me

1.  I would spend every day at a cattle show if I financially could afford it.

2. Big Cities are not so bad as long as I can just visit and never have to live there.

3. I cannot handle complete silence

4. I hate Chalk- I do not like the texture

5. I choose to remodel the barn before remodeling my kitchen.

6. I rather clean manure from cattle stalls then clean my house.

7. I know that nothing in my life would be possible without God.


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