Corny Facts for AgFact Day 8

08 Nov

AgFact Day#8

America’s corn farmers are by far the most productive in the world, growing 20% more corn per acre than any other nation. Source: USDA


Why US Corn Growers break records ever year?

  • Knowledge handed down by generation by generation of families growing corn on family-owned land.
  • Advancement in the Seed – Investment in Research is the key to success.

Plant breeders today have advanced tools to better predict which desirable characteristics will come from its two parents. They can identify seeds with potential and determine those characteristics before a single seed is ever planted in the ground. Add the advances gained through biotechnology and the potential from mapping the corn genome, and it’s safe to say today’s yields – unimagined only a generation ago – are just the beginning      -2012 The Corn Fact Book

Visit the Corn Farmers Coalition site to see other great information about Corn.  Thank you to Illinois Corn Growers and Corn Farmers Coalition for these great facts.


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