Myths @ Ag

Warm Spring Weather Sprouts Bad roots @ Beef

Over the last few weeks, I have been inundated with media furry and junky science filling the minds of consumer with myths about Beef. Learn the facts about “pink slime” and the Harvard Study on red meat and premature death. Read More

Denmark, Antibiotics, Rest of the Story by Jeff Fowle

During the past week I have noticed an increase of the promotion of Denmark’s ban on the use of antibiotics for sub-therapeutic use. What has not been publicized is what has transpired since the ban went into place…it has not been all “roses.” These points were compiled after being able to hear a presentation by Dr. H. Scott Hurd of Iowa State. Read More


Sharing a Link from MEAT MythCrushers

Myth: Ordinary Household Ammonia is Used to Make Some Hamburgers

The Real Farmer’s Share of the Food Dollar

I think every household is struggling with the increase cost of living.  The items at the grocery store seem to cost a little more or shrink in volume every week.  It is important to understand that the real share of the Retail Food Dollar for the Farmer is only 20 cents. Read More


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