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Do Not Feed the HSUS Monster |

Do Not Feed the HSUS Monster |

As the year quickly draws to an end, the charities creatively seek your extra dollars in hopes you have the need to lower your federal and state taxes by giving to some very worthy causes. Although the time is clicking away to get your 2011 donations completed, I suggest that you investigate how each dollar of a charitable organization is actually spent.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you are quite aware that I do not support charitable organization that use Celebrities and expensive campaigns to mislead you on how the actual dollars collected are spent. What organizations like Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) do not tell you is the organization’s hidden agenda is to End Animal Agriculture. That is correct- the real goal of the organization is not to allow farmers and ranchers to raise livestock.
Putting that known fact aside, I want to explain why you should not support the HSUS with one dollar. Do not buy one of those cute T-Shirts with your favorite dog on the front or pledge to be a HSUS Humane Hero. In fact all the dollars collected by HSUS goes to the big scheme and very little go to the actual local shelter.
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Top Must Have Books for Kids

Similar to all parents, I am always searching for quality books that are both educational and entertaining.  Here is my list of top books that would make excellent gifts for a child in your life or donate them to the local school.  Each book has a wonderful heartfelt story written with true perspective and facts about farming and ranching.  Each book makes a great story to share as a family or for child to read on his or her own.

1) Levi’s Lost Calf written by Amanda Radke and illustrated by Michelle Weber

Young Levi rides out one morning to bring the cattle home from the pasture. After a head count, Levi is surprised that one calf is missing. Little Red, his favorite heifer calf, is nowhere to be found. Determined to prove his independence-and locate Little Red, Levi rides out with his horse, Pepper, and Gus, his trusty dog, in tow. The three sleuths search high and low around the ranch in search for the calf. Little Red stays hidden as readers are introduced to a bevy of barnyard animals throughout the search. A kid-friendly recipe is added to compliment the adventure and bring the cowboy spirit home to the reader.

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2) Little Joe written by  Sarah Neil Wallace and illustrated by Mark Elliott

It’s a cold December night and Fancy, the Stegner family’s cow, is about to give birth. Out pops Little Joe, a huge bull calf, and with him comes nine-year-old Eli’s first chance to raise an animal to show at next fall’s county fair. Over the next ten months, Eli, and Little Joe, learn some hard lessons about growing up and what it means to take on bigger responsibilities, especially when it comes to taking care of another living thing. But one thing Eli is trying not to think about is what will happen to Little Joe after the fair: it’s auction time, and he’ll have to sell Little Joe!

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2) The Beef Princess of Practical County by author Michelle Houts 

After years of waiting, it is finally Libby Ryan’s turn to shine at the Practical County Fair. Libby is filled with excitement as she and her granddad pick out two calves for her to raise on her family’s cattle farm, in hopes of winning the annual steer competition. Against her father’s advice, Libby gives the calves names, even though both steers will eventually be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Purchase Online at Random House

3) Heart of a Shepherd by Rosanne Parry

When Brother’s dad is shipped off to Iraq, along with the rest of his reserve unit, Brother must help his grandparents keep the ranch going. He’s determined to maintain it just as his father left it, in the hope that doing so will ensure his father’s safe return. The hardships Brother faces will not only change the ranch, but also reveal his true calling.

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