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Leaving the Dirt Trail

Yesterday, I hit the interstate system and traveled to Rantoul, IL to speak with 4th graders about Farming and Water.  I also enjoy sharing the agriculture story.  It is important for children to have real conversation with farmers.  This is one reason I volunteer as Croplife Ambassador.The Croplife Ambassador Network connects classrooms with farmers and individuals who work in agriculture.  We discuss topics from raising crops and livestock to feeding the world to protecting the environment.

Each classroom visit is different and new questions always surface. One group of the Rantoul students, took me off tasks as we got into a deep discussion about all the great things agriculture provides for them beyond food. My goal for every visit is to explain what really happens in the real world of farming and I always wonder if I accomplished that as I walk away.

As I checked into the office yesterday and explain to the School’s secretary why I was at the school, a student said “I know you“.   He went on to explain that last year he attended a neighboring school that I presented to last Spring.  He also told me the favorite part about my presentation.   Wow! Someone outside my community remember my classroom visit-Yes.

In the end, I hope these students remember the discussion about farming when they hear false claims about farming in the future. If I make them question the media hype then I have accomplished my goal.  If I make them think about a career in agriculture then added bonus.

Teachers and Parents:  If you want a Croplife Ambassador to visit with your classroom or group then request and view the presentations on Croplife Ambassador Website   .

Agriculturists:  If you want to share the story of agriculture then join us as an ambassador. Croplife Ambassador Network

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